We have been a boating family for over 30 years, with frequent trips to the Fla Keys, but our main stomping ground is the forgotten coast area of Apalachee Bay, near Lanark Village, Dog Island, and Carrabelle, Fl.  We were looking for a boat that would be truly versatile.  We needed one in the 27’ range that had a shallow draft for the low water situations we get ourselves into, but a deep V hull that would cut the inevitable 2 foot chop that blows up almost every afternoon in the Summer in the Apalachee Bay.  We have part of our crew that loves to head 35 miles or more offshore to catch Grouper and Snapper, and others, including 8 grandchildren of various ages that like to go the island and play on the beach and in the water.

After looking at most of the large production manufacturers, we found Stuart Boatworks, and they were able to build us exactly what we were after.  They were even able to build our hull from Carbon Innegra to lighten the weight and give us a few less inches of draft, which for us was critical.  When we pull up to Dog Island in 18 inches of water people can’t believe it.

We took delivery of the boat approx. 2 years ago (Fall of 2020) and we have absolutely loved it.  We know we made the right decision.

- Bert H.

Stuart 27 Owner, Carrabelle, FL