Man holding a fish

I loved the boat the minute I saw it at the Miami International Boat Show and spent a few minutes with Bob Chew going through the boat talking about Stuart Boatworks.

I was downsizing from a custom 50’ sportfish and was looking for the same fit and finishes I had in the bigger boat. So I went on to view other boats at the show and visit a few manufacturers in the State. I found that the other manufacturers did not provide the same finishes or hardware that I saw at Stuart, so I decided to work with Bob on a new semi-custom 27’.

One of my requirements was a side door, which they had not provided in another boat before, and to my surprise, years after delivery, there isn’t an extra shake or rattle in that side door. I am certain it is due to the extra time, engineering and exceptional hardware they put into it.

All my friends say it just has a great ride and it fishes like a larger boat.

In addition, any issues that have come up were quickly dealt with by Joe and the team at the shop.

It was a pleasure working with them customizing the boat, even though I was very specific in what I wanted. I would definitely recommend Stuart Boatworks.

Eric T - 27 Stuart Owner

Coral Gables, FL