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Q. How long has Stuart Boatworks been in business?

A. SBW began in 2006 building a 33′ outboard powered center console boat and a 36′ inboard powered Express style boat. These models are no longer in production. The 26′ model was designed in 2011, the hull plug was built and test run and fine tuned in 2012, and production started in 2013.

Q. What brand of motors do you offer?

A. We install Yamaha outboards exclusively.

Q. What percentage of your boats get towed by larger boats?

A. At this early stage in our business, nearly 50% of the boats that we have crafted are being towed by larger boats from 45′ to 100′. Why do I care about this? I don’t own a larger boat. These “big boat” owners could afford to buy any center console boat in our size range to tow behind their larger yacht, but they chose to have us build just the boat they wanted. They chose our boat for it’s softness of ride, second-to-none structural integrity, simplistic design with relatively fewer items to break, and our stylish contemporary good looks!

Q. How do you handle warranty issues that might arise over time, if the boat is not located close to Stuart?

A. If you have a warranty related concern with your boat and are not located close to the shop, we work one on one with your dealer or service center of choice to resolve the issue. And we pay their regular retail shop rate in the process so that your boat has normal priority within the service centers schedule.

Q. Do you have Dealers that sell your boats?

A.We sell direct only from our small, semi-custom boat building shop in the historic Sportfish boat building town of Stuart, Florida. Our goal is to start at the bow and slowly work to the stern with you in creating the most perfect 23 and 27′ center console for your needs and desires. We want to build and outfit every aspect of your boat so that you have only one source to contact for any of your boat needs. We are passionate about our boats and the build process, and no dealer would be able to create the semi-custom boat building process that we do for you, nor would they know our boat as well as we do, nor would they be focused on only our product – like we certainly are!

Q. Are your compartments truly insulated?

A. Many builders claim their fish boxes and coolers are “insulated” simply because they use foam core in the lamination process of building their compartments. While this certainly provides a small degree more “insulation” characteristics than fiberglass-only construction, this method does not provide enough “insulation” to make a bag of ice last even half a day in the Florida sun. Unfortunately you might find this out only after you have purchased the boat. It pays to know all of the details. We too build our compartments and hatches with foam core inside the lamination, however we go the extra step to cover the underside of our fish boxes and coolers entirely with 1-2 inches of foam insulation to create a truly insulated compartment. This takes longer, it costs more, and it needs to be designed into the original design of the boat for there to be adequate room for the insulation foam and covering. But you will appreciate the increased, real-world benefits of your ice lasting considerably longer every time you use your boat.

Q. Do any of your hatch gutters or lockers drain into the bilge?

A. No, our forward fish box has a diaphragm pump that pumps it’s contents overboard, and the aft in sole compartment can be plumbed as a secondary fish box, or used for dry storage and plumbed as you desire. The gutters have a “big boat” style drainage system that utilizes no fittings, no hoses to someday split and leak, and no hose clamps to come loose or rust. The gutters in the forward hatch drain directly into a fiberglass track that is glassed to the underside of the deck, and then travels aft and ties into the gutters in the aft fish boxes and then into the bilge access hatch gutter. This then ties into the cockpit self bailing custom scuppers that drain directly overboard. No water into the bilge. Clean and simple.

Q. When was the 27′ Stuart Boatworks designed and by who?

A. Our 27′ model was designed in Stuart in 2012 by Applied Concepts, a Marine Design firm known primarily for the design of numerous custom Sportfishing boats from 33′ – 74′.

Q. When was the 23′ Stuart Boatworks designed and by who?

A. Our 23′ model was designed in Stuart in 2015 by OCEAN5, a naval architectural firm that has designed a wide variety of boat and yachts up to 185′.

Q. Is there any wood used in the construction of Stuart Boatworks boats?

A. No, our boat contains no wood.

Stuart Boatworks

Stuart Boatworks