Mike M Stuart 27
I am writing to let you know how much my family and I enjoy our Stuart 27.  We first learned of Stuart Boatworks through their YouTube channel and Bob Chew’s extremely informative videos. 

After meeting with Bob in person and discussing our build we felt very comfortable to be working with him and put a deposit down.  We even cancelled an appointment with another manufacturer scheduled for later that same afternoon!  We do most of our boating on the east coast of Florida and the Keys.  The intracoastal where we live is very wide open and can develop a nasty chop.  One day soon after taking delivery my son and I were running the boat up the intracoastal into howling winds. The water was very choppy with whitecaps on the river. As we were cruising along at 40mph, behind the enclosure we were able to converse in a normal tone. 

My son commented that we wouldn’t even go out on a day like that in our old boat, but the Stuart was rock solid and handled the chop with ease.   Kudos to Bob and crew for building a visually beautiful and high-quality boat!


Mike M - 27 Stuart

Melbourne, FL